Bridal makeup artist & wedding hair stylist los angeles

Nicole Q., North Hills, CA


"My makeup artist was CJ and I am so lucky and grateful to have booked him for my wedding. I booked him five months ago, after signing up for a makeup trial. He did the makeup for all six members of my party, including me. He also did my hair.


All of the women in my party loved their makeup, and it says a lot for their differing skin tones and hair colors. He made them look lovely, perhaps a done-up version of themselves without looking cakey. I received many thanks for their long-lasting makeup.


As the bride, I did want airbrush as recommended by CJ. Boy, was I thankful I listened: the wedding day was a bright, dry, 100-degree heat wave that wilted my flowers and made me sweat like I was running a marathon. Plus, we had booked a 50s classic car to pick us up, and the air conditioning pretty much died during the two-hour drive from ceremony to reception in Los Angeles traffic, so I was really relieved to find my makeup flawless and not melted away like it might have if I had done it myself. My hairdo did last until the last moments of the night, in which some dancing undid the pretty loops he secured behind my head, but I was really pleased with how long my hair and makeup lasted that night. So yes, CJ knows what he is doing and he will do a wonderful, timely job on you. Book the trial, make sure you book him in advance, and watch him transform you before your very eyes. It's money well spent, on a day you need to put your best face forward."


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# Hair and Makeup Los Angeles

Sualeha A.Plano, TX


"CJ was extremely professional and flexible with my wedding planning, moving around start timings etc. Of course his work spoke for itself. I got the airbrush make up for my Indian/Pakistani wedding and he nailed the Asian bridal look perfectly. He was able to pin up my 'dupatta' and 'teeka' in such a good manner that I didn't have to worry about either of those moving throughout the evening. I would recommend him highly!"


# Makeup Artist Los Angeles # Wedding Hair Los Angeles

# Hair and Makeup Los Angeles

Bridal makeup artist & wedding hair stylist los angeles
Bridal makeup artist & wedding hair stylist los angeles

Lily L., Monterey Park, CA


"I was very pleased with my makeup and hair for my engagement photo shoot and my wedding day.  CJ is able to look at your face structure and bring out the best features. I honestly think he shed a few pounds off my face with his coutouring. I got the traditional makeup and it stayed on the whole day. My hair was pinned up with curls. I was worried that the structure would not hold, but it stayed up the whole day. I was able to change my hair pieces without my curls straightening out and without my hair falling apart.


On the wedding day, he was prompt and very patient with my bridesmaids and I.  I gave him a picture of what I wanted and he was able to mimic that style close to 100%. CJ is artistic, professional and very caring.  I really enjoyed working with him and I have recommended all my engaged friends to him.  Thanks CJ for being awesome and making me pretty that day!"


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Lily L., Monterey Park, CA


"I agree with the other girls when they describe CJ as amazing, awesome, professional and talented.  I can add that he is intuitive and charming.  When I saw myself he had totally exceeded my expectations (I could have cried but didn't want to ruin the work he had just done!!)  He did my trial makeup for my wedding with hair and airbrush makeup. 


He did not skimp on the time he spent with me and was patient and thorough in achieving a look that is perfect for my big day!!!!!  I went to a baby shower after having my makeup and hair done and everyone loved it.  I got rave needless to say he will be doing makeup and hair for me and my wedding party.  Thank you CJ.  You are topnotch and five stars all around."


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Bridal makeup artist & wedding hair stylist los angeles
Bridal makeup artist & wedding hair stylist los angeles

Jan L., Chino Hills, CA


"I was referred to CJ by my best friend who had her bridal makeup done by him and was very happy with his service. I started out by having a trial session with CJ and decided to have him to my hair, makeup, and my bridesmaids' makeup for my wedding in April. I was very satisfied with his service. Now looking at my wedding photos, I just love how the makeup was done. Thank you CJ! He is both very friendly and professional. He is a true artist with great aesthetic taste and took his work very seriously. He discussed with me on my stylistic preference and worked with me to achieve the look I desired. I recommend that you use CJ for your big day. He's reliable, punctual, easy to work with, very responsive and communicative, and overall a great makeup artist!"


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Veronica Q., San Diego, CA


"CJ was hired by me for my wedding in La Jolla. I live out of state so I hired him based on reputation and reviews. I was beyond pleased with the work that he did for me on my special day. My make up and hair was perfect. I am a picky person with my hair and he exceeded my expectations. My make up was flawless and he truly made me feel beyond beautiful.  If you want your day to be perfect, CJ is the person to hire."


# Bridal Makeup Artist Los Angeles # Wedding Hair Updo Los Angeles

# Wedding Makeup and Hair Los Angeles

Bridal makeup artist & wedding hair stylist los angeles
Bridal makeup artist & wedding hair stylist los angeles

Alma D., Los Angles, CA


"It was a pleasure to work with CJ. He did my hair and makeup for my wedding day and, I have to say he's just great. His work is beautiful,clean, precise you just tell him what you want and he will deliver. He was on time, very polite with a great attitude and just ready to work. He did both my trial makeup and my wedding day makeup and he also did my mom makeup for the wedding day. I was so please with his work I will absolutely recommend him. Thank you CJ for helping make my day beautiful :)"


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Melissa., Orange County, CA


"CJ at Color Me Bride is really amazing. He just did my wedding, and he made me look amazing. He also did the makeup for all my bridesmaids, mom, and sis-in-law. We all looked so good in the pictures. He takes his time with you and will ask you want you want. If you dont like something, he will change it. I wore a traditional Vietnamese dress with a hat, and he did my hair so that it not only looked elegant but also fit in the hat. He is very accommodating, and really skilled."

# Makeup Artist Los Angeles # Wedding Hair Styles Los Angeles

# Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist Los Angeles

Bridal makeup artist & wedding hair stylist los angeles

Amy N., Los Angeles, CA


​"It was fascinating to see how CJ did my engagement & bridal makeup. I was impressed and extremely happy about the results. All of my friends loved how natural my bridal make-up was. He is such a talented & professional artist. I would recommend C.J to everyone and will book him again for any special events. Great job !!!!" 

# Makeup Artist Los Angeles # Bridal hair styles Los Angeles

# Wedding hair and makeup Los Angeles

Mala M., Lake Forest, CA


​"CJ was awesome. I had a big fat Indian wedding and we had so many people we had to get on board with make up and hair. CJ was so patient and kind and responded right away! I had originally booked CJ for my wedding and reception both the same day, and the week of I decided to have hair and makeup done for my Mendhi event, with two days notice and in Orange County CJ made it happen. He was also always on time, even thought he was coming from LA to OC. CJ definitely was able to give me the look I wanted for all three events, especially during my trial session which I used for my engagement photo shoot. I am truly grateful to him! I recommended him to all my friends!!!!" 


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Bridal makeup artist & wedding hair stylist los angeles

The Art of Natural Looking Makeup

So what exactly is natural looking makeup? Simple question; hard to answer. 


It depends largely on your expectation, personality and your lifestyle. For someone who wears makeup on a daily basis, natural looking makeup could mean dramatic smokey eyes with a full set of false eyelashes and full-coverage foundation. They want this as long as the skin doesn't look like it has covered by a thick layer of foundation. And that is "natural looking" to them.

For someone who puts nothing but a lip gloss on in daily life, natural looking makeup usually means keeping everything minimal, simple and beautiful. Some people want to be totally transformed, while some want to look they are not wearing any makeup at all. You are the one who defines what is "your" natural looking makeup. 


Tricky ... isn’t it?


You are definitely the main factor to acheiving beautiful natural looking makeup. Before we, the makeup artists, can lift a single brush we need you to prepare your skin. Great skin is the first step to an awesome natural look. Wash your face every night so that it can "breathe" and scrub off the day’s look with makeup remover. After washing you need to moisturize. Pay attention to the moisturizer you use, though. Make sure it is suitable for your skin especially if it is dry, sensitive or oily.


The makeup process will start with applying a makeup primer to provide a base for the foundation or the concealer. MAC Fix Plus spray, for example, is a great option as it blocks excess oil away, enhances the application of foundation and soothes the skin. Then we even out your skin tone with a very light layer of foundation over your entire face and light pats of concealer in case of any slight discoloration or red spots.


Next, we work on your glow using shimmer and highlighting. Liquid illuminizer applied lightly with a brush on the brow bone, in the corners of your eyes and along your cheekbones will have you glowing perfectly and your eyes popping. And if you want a pinch of color on your cheeks, you know that sexy flushed look, we apply a cream cheek color with just a little powder blush dusted on top to bring out the color.


No matter what your dream look is, with great products combined with professional skills, you can be certain that you will have that natural looking makeup that looks great both in person and in pictures.


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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for your Wedding

As a bride-to-be, we know you are probably asking yourself if you really have to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding. You probably have been doing your own makeup since you were a little girl, so why not save that money or use it on your honeymoon?


Just think of this: whenever see your favourite singer, a movie star or a model looking all beautiful and perfect, know that there is a team of talented, trained and experienced makeup artists and hair stylists guaranteeing that their every picture looks amazing. Since your wedding will be your celebrity moment, then why not do it like the celebrities?


We know you really want to look absolutely gorgeous and perfect. You need a professional makeup artist to bring that dream to reality. Otherwise, you risk having fading eye shadow midway of your wedding reception just because of unnecessary frugality.

A professional makeup artist is trained exclusively in the art of makeup; either in makeup artistry school and/or apprenticeship under a more experienced professional. However, if this is not convincing enough for you, that’s okay, here are five good reasons why you need a professional makeup artist for your wedding.


1. You will need photography makeup, not just your everyday makeup. A professional’s makeup kit contains a wide range of products, most of which are not only waterproof, but are also specifically suitable for HD cameras unlike those in your everyday makeup bag. With these camera-friendly products, when the snapping and clicking stops; you will have amazing photos without having to resort to Photoshop. And you definitely want your hair to look perfect and beautiful from all the angles. We know it's your big day and you want it to be nothing but perfection.


2. Applying photography makeup is not the same as your everyday makeup. Fine, you may have lots of tricks up your sleeve when it comes to applying your everyday makeup but believe me; photography makeup is a whole other ball game. Applying it on your own will very likely backfire, for example, if you mistakenly used a wrong kind of foundation, your photos would have your face looking lighter than the rest of your body. A pro on the other hand is fully familiar with these products designed for flash photography and exactly how to apply them such that you look and feel natural and super-photogenic throughout the day.


3. Professional makeup artists and wedding hair stylists take lighting and location into account. A pro makeup artist also thoroughly understands all the various factors that will affect your look and will even take the location and lighting of your photos into consideration. Will they be shot in studio or outdoors? Will it be the summer or the winter? A pro knows exactly how to make the makeup specifically match with each and every one of these situations. The same applies for your hair. Seasons, time of day, location do matter a lot.


4. Professional makeup artists and hair stylists create a look that is tailor-made for you. Pros are trained to have an eye for the potential in each face, to carefully identify your strengths and flaws. They know which products to use and how best to use them to highlight and enhance your strong points while obscuring any flaws. They will also take your wedding theme, personality and even your wedding dress to create a look specifically perfect for you and you alone.


5. Your wedding day will be packed with emotion and stress. Come the big day, any number of things could start to go wrong (or appear to do so, we all know wedding day paranoia!). Imagine applying your own makeup and doing your own hair while your mind is on whether or not the caterers will arrive in time, what kind of look can you pull off with that kind of stress? A pro artist will be more focused and in a better mental state to correctly apply the makeup, style your hair and give you a flawless look that will last you the whole day throughout the hugs, kisses, sweat and tears of joy.


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