Have a big bridal party?

Not to worry.
We have a team of amazing makeup artists and hair stylists who are also passionate and dedicated to make you happy with a high standard of service.
We offer convenient on-location services for both your trial and wedding day appointments.  We will come to you with all of the supplies and equipment needed to make you and your party look fantastic.

Kelly - makeup artist and hair stylist

Kelly is a makeup artist and hairstylist who believes that beauty comes in all forms.   With a background in fashion and a natural appreciation for beauty, she incorporates the two to achieve the desired effect.  She aims to highlight each bride's radiant glow while emphasizing on her natural beauty.  Kelly believes that one should look the most beautiful version of herself on her special day and not someone else.  She will create a personalized look for your wedding day. 
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Alex - makeup artist and hair stylist

Alex is a makeup and hair artist based in Orange County California. His appreciation for the visual arts led him to study painting and drawing in college. The  techniques that he has acquired from these mediums presently continue to inspire and influence his work as a makeup artist. 
Whether he is doing makeup for a high fashion photoshoot or a bride on her special day, Alex is able to offer his expertise while staying attuned to his client's creative vision. He sees makeup as a form of accessory that serves to complement and enhance the already present beauty of each individual. 
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Sherry O. - makeup artist and hair stylist

Here you will discover make up artistry through the eyes of makeup artist Sherry O. whose passion began at an early age. While gracing the runway modeling she discovered the world of cosmetics. As a professional makeup artist and hair stylist, her abilities are endless. With every client my goal is to provide you with professional service, product information while enhancing your natural beauty. Leaving you with a total look that compliments your style and essence. Allow her to assist you on your special occasion, photo shoot, red carpet event, film or video production. 

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